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What is SHERPA?

SHERPA is a two-year Erasmus+ project with a mission to strengthen the adoption and systematic use of SELFIE across Europe. SELFIE is the European Commission’s free, customisable self-evaluation tool helping schools to better understand their progress on digitally-enabled teaching and learning. SHERPA will provide schools with vitally-needed scaffolding for on-boarding SELFIE and will help them gain full benefits from their SELFIE report in terms of both strategy and practices.

SHERPA will develop and deploy two key outputs:

  1. SELFIE HELPER, a chatbot system that assists schools to use the SELFIE platform, providing them with real-time help in resolving their specific user issues;

  2. SELFIE PEDAGOGICAL TOOLKIT, a comprehensive package to help schools transform their SELFIE results into concrete innovation strategies and actions for employing digital technologies more effectively in teaching and learning.

Both services will be field tested with schools in each of the SHERPA partner countries and will be made available in five different languages: English, Estonian, Finnish, Greek and Italian.

SHERPA News & Events

11 February, 2020 | Meeting of KA3 Erasmus+ European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in E&T (EACEA, Brussels)

Coordinators of projects funded under the KA3 Erasmus+ European Forward Looking Cooperation Call 36/2018 are to meet with EC officers at EACEA premises in Brussels on 11 February, 2020. Professor Avgoustos Tsinakos from AETMA Lab at the International Hellenic University, the SHERPA coordinator, will meet counterparts working on SELFIE related projects to discuss and identify synergies.

17th - 18th January 2020 | Kick-off Meeting of the SHERPA Project (International Hellenic University, Kavala, GR)

The SHERPA kick-off meeting marking the start of project activities was held on 17 January 2020 at the International Hellenic University in Kavala (Greece), the premises of the Project Coordinator AETMA LAB. During the meeting, the SHERPA consortium consolidated its operational plan and established internal procedures for effective collaboration, communication and quality control.

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SHERPA partners

  • International Hellenic University, AETMA LAB (GR) - Project Coordinator Contact: Avgoustos Tsinakos
  • University of Jyvaskyla, Faculty of Information Technology (FI) Contact:
  • Cyprus Pedagogical Institute (CY)
  • Tallinn University, Centre for Educational Technology (EE) Contact:
  • National Research Council of Italy, Institute for Educational Technology (IT) Contact:
  • Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS) - Affiliated Entity of AETMA LAB Contact:
  • The European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EfVET) - Associate Partner Contact: