D1.1 has been submitted

The project has submitted its Coordination and Management Plan (D1.1) detailing SHERPA’s organizational procedures and quality assurance plan.

This document constitutes the Coordination and Management Plan developed as the first deliverable (WP1-D1.1.) of the SELFIE HElpeR & Pedagogical innovation Assistant (SHERPA) project of Erasmus+ EACEA/36/2018. The contents and structure of the plan are developed in line with the SHERPA project structure and work plan.

The Coordination and Management Plan outlines the main contractual, administrative, financial, and management aspects of the SHERPA project. It also aims to facilitate the smooth management and monitoring of the overall progress, as well as the communication between the SHERPA partners and the Education, Culture and Audiovisual Executive Agency (EACEA). Additionally, the Coordination and Management Plan defines the project work-plan and working methods, the roles and responsibilities of SHERPA partners, the reporting processes, as well as the handling of work packages results. Finally, in the Coordination and Management Plan the processes regarding quality assurance, quality control, risk analysis, and ethics are defined.

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