D3.1 has been released

This deliverable describes the background, foundations and initial drafting of Deliverable 3.1 SELFIE Pedagogical Innovation Assistant Toolkit Version 1, the chief output of  WP3 in the SHERPA project.

The document provides an overview and comparative analysis of similar initiatives in Europe (and beyond), describing the underpinnings and formulation of the SHERPA Conceptual Model on which the Pedagogical Toolkit is to be based. The deliverable includes a draft outline of the Toolkit and its proposed structure, together with some sample content (guidelines) to convey a sense and feel of SHERPA’s initial vision for this key project output. To conclude, the document describes the upcoming validation process that the reported outputs are to undergo. This will be carried out with the support of a panel of experts and stakeholder representatives, and will be managed as part of SHERPA’s WP4. Results from the validation will inform development of the Pedagogical Toolkit V2, which in its final release will be deployed as an online support system integrated into the SELFIE ecosystem.

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