ErasmusDays 2020: SELFIE-SHERPA webinar

The 3-day ErasmusDays 2020 event is featuring the webinar “Una Scuola Aperta… ai problemi concreti, all’esperienze di cooperazione, agli strumenti di autoriflessione” organised by Città della Scienza. During the webinar, SHERPA partner CNR-ITD will present the experience of Italian schools in using the EU online tool SELFIE, and will showcase the SELFIE-based pedagogical toolkit being developed in SHERPA. The toolkit will help schools’ self-reflection on their digital capabilities and support operationalize of SELFIE results into an effective school digital action plan. On October 16th at 15:00 follow the webinar streaming on FB live:

A presentation of the event (in italian) is available here

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