Pedagogical Toolkit Validation Workshop

SHERPA held a highly successful online workshop dedicated to the validation and optimization of a key provisional project output: the Pedagogical Innovation Assistant Toolkit (PTK) Version 1. This stimulating half-day event brought together SHERPA staff members and fourteen leading figures from Europe’s education field, including SELFIE experts from various Member States, representatives from the EC’s JRC SELFIE team, and officers from the EC’s EAC Directorate-General.

The workshop set out to gather critical feedback and fresh insights on SHERPA’s draft PTK primarily by engaging participants in a carefully-prepared and stimulating interactive experience: individual brainstorming was combined with a structured joint effort to distil shared perspectives and establish priorities for setting the PTK on a sound footing.

Not only did the event yield valuable input for SHERPA’s development of the PTK Version 2, due in 2021, it also consolidated and strengthened the project’s ties with strategic stakeholder figures in Europe’s SELFIE/education ecosystem.

For more information on the event, see the Workshop Agenda & Description

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