National event: SELFIE-RAV webinar

The SELFIE-PTK toolkit was showcased on Nov. 19, 2021 in a webinar attended by educational authorities, regional digital coordinators, school leaders and teachers from the Italian region of Umbria. The webinar was held to present the final results of the SELFIE-RAV project, a two-year collaboration between the Umbria Regional Educational Office and CNR-ITD.

Beyond promoting greater awareness and use of SELFIE by schools throughout Umbria, the project’s specific objective was to explore how to support primary and secondary schools in using data and insights gained from their SELFIE report as input for compiling their “Rapporto di Autovalutazione ” (RAV). This is a mandatory self-evaluation document that Italy’s Ministry of Education requires all the country’s schools to produce annually by completing a dedicated template in accordance with a ministerial evaluation framework. The purpose of RAV is to help schools maintain and raise their quality, thereby supporting improved standards across the education system nationally.

Over the two years of the SELFIE-RAV project, CNR-ITD’s SELFIE/SHERPA project staff members Stefania Bocconi and Jeffrey Earp held a series of seminars and practical workshops hosted by Umbria’s Education Office and attended by representatives from dozens of Umbrian schools. At the same time, CNR-RAV’s SELFIE-RAV team, working in conjunction with its Umbrian counterpart, oversaw production of the project’s two main outputs:

a comprehensive guide detailing how schools can put their SELFIE results to practical use for compiling their RAV self-evaluation;
a document mapping SELFIE items to those in the RAV self-evaluation framework.

These results were launched at the final webinar, which included a special showcase dedicated to the SELFIE-PTK toolkit and an overview of other SELFIE-related initiatives underway at national and European levels.