SELFIE Pedagogical Toolkit

The SHERPA project will develop and test the SELFIE Pedagogical Innovation Assistant Toolkit (SELFIE-PTK), a multilingual package that can be used online or downloaded. The SELFIE-PTK is essentially intended to help schools transform their SELFIE results into tangible innovation strategies and actions that further their digital competence. As outlined in the initial draft below, the SELFIE-PTK comprises:

  • a conceptual dimension, describing the overall process and phases for schools’ self-development of their digital competence (central core);
  • a procedural dimension, consisting of key steps foreseen within each of those phases (inner quadrant);
  • a scaffolding dimension, with guidelines and resources to help schools interpret their SELFIE report data and then use these to devise a digital innovation action plan (outer quadrant).

The SELFIE-PTK is primarily intended for use by a school’s coordinating team. Normally, this team would comprise the School Leader/s, its SELFIE coordinator, and special teaching staff such as subject area coordinators, ICT/digital education teacher, evaluation coordinator, etc. The Coordinating Team’s efforts to engage the entire school learning community in the process will be key to ensuring successful formulation, implementation and management of the school’s SELFIE-PTK driven digital action plan.

Current state of development

The soundness, applicability and extensibility of the draft Toolkit were put to the test in a special interactive Validation Workshop held in October 2020.

The workshop’s outcomes provided valuable input for development of SELFIE-PTK Version 2, which offers support, resources, and scaffolding capabilities in both online and downloadable modes. Piloting of Version 2 is to be carried out in SHERPA partner countries in November-December 2021-2022 to ensure that the SELFIE-PTK final release:

  • has the flexibility, functionality and extensibility needed for use in different educational contexts;
  • is suited to different SELFIE-related approaches;
  • can provide added value for developing schools’ digital competence even in contexts where SELFIE is not the chief initiative officially adopted for that purpose.

You can see and explore a preview of SELFIE-PTK Version 2 here.


From schools’ self-evaluation of their digital capacity to producing and implementing a SELFIE-based Action Plan: a sneak peak of the SELFIE Pedagogical Innovation Assistant Toolkit (SELFIE PTK)

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