To help schools further their digital capacity with SELFIE, the SHERPA project is developing a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) called “Empowering your school´s digital capacity: from reflection to innovation action plans”.

The MOOC is primarily designed as a learning path for members of the school coordinating team devising and overseeing the school’s digital action plan with the assistance of the SELFIE Helper Tool and SELFIE PTK. In each school, this team may comprise school leaders, the school’s SELFIE coordinator, subject-area coordinators, ICT teachers/coordinator, and those teachers who play a key role in fostering the school’s digital capacity for innovation.

The MOOC will run from 1 – 28 November 2021 and will be available to the entire SELFIE community, who will be free to use it as a self-paced course and open learning resource. At the same time, the MOOC will also support school coordinating teams participating in the SHERPA project piloting activities being run between November and December 2021. The course will be available in English, Estonian Greek and Italian languages, and include English-language videos with embedded subtitles in those other languages. Beyond SHERPA piloting activities, SELFIE stakeholders such as national/regional SELFIE coordinators will be able to adapt and customise the MOOC to suit their own particular context and purposes.

From reflection to innovation – the SELFIE PTK MOOC (as it’s called for short) adopts a self-paced, task-based approach to learning and will give participants the opportunity to interact and exchange ideas.

SELFIE PTK MOOC is being produced by Conecta13, a spin-off of the University of Granada in Spain, in conjunction with the Italian National Research Council of Italy and the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute in the context of the SHERPA project.

For more information, contact the SHERPA team at